Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Not Quite Clean Country Living

I love living in the bush, it's a part of who I am and what I have always been. HOWEVER..........we have had a mystery dis-ease gathering in our home for quite some time. Repeated bouts of nausea, mild tummy upsets, low immunity just a general unwellness.

Yesterday....WE FOUND THE BUGGER!!

Blastocysts Hominis, it's in our water!

UV water filters will be fitted soon and the tanks are to be treated and monitored. We have all tested positive and are on antibiotics. I thought I had this covered, I was treating the water and getting the tanks cleaned regularly but that just wasn't enough. I needed a better treatment product and filtration system.

I'm soooo glad we found it. Cheers to good health and healthy tanks!!


Judy said...

Ouch! The UV light beats having to boil every drop of water you use. What do you treat your water in Australia with because we use chlorine here in the States and it doesn't kill everything? Any guess as to where your water supply picked up the E. Coli?

**Anne** said...

Glad to hear you found out what's been causing your sickness. Sounds very yucky! Do you collect rainwater from your roof?
Anne xx