Sunday, May 19, 2013

Bisexuality - Kinda Confusing

Finn : Hey mum can Julie* come around for a play?

Me : Sorry mate, she has to move house this weekend.

Asha : Why is she moving house?

Me : Well Julie and her partner have decided to separate and she needs to move into a new house.

Asha : What was her partners name?

Me : Emma*

Asha:............(silence...thinking)....Emma's a girl mum.

Me : Yes Asha, Julies partner was a woman.

Asha : Isn't Julie looking for a man now?

Me : yes Asha, she is.

Asha :...........(very long silence)...........GOOOOOWD MUM, DO YOU THINK SHE COULD MAKE UP HER MIND!!! IT'S REALLY VERY CONFUSING!!

Me : Pissing myself laughing "Yes, love it kinda is!!"

*Julie and Emma are not their real names. They have been changed to protect the privacy of the women involved.


**Anne** said...

This is just gorgeous. You've just got to love kids.
Anne xx

Mrs A said...

We had something similar in our family and it was hilarious just as your experience is! The innocence of children! Love Mrs A...Kate and Lucy's mum

Miss Prudence said...

i am quite sure Emma would agree with Asha!

Sally said...