Tuesday, October 8, 2013

I'd rather stick needles in my eyes!

I've had a laps of judgment. I joined bookface again!!

Here I was thinking I was missing out on all this fun and juicy stuff. Like whats going on in the arty community, some pic's from mates and just all around great going-ons.

I lasted for 2 hours!! Can I just say this outloud........I HATE BOOKFACE!!............NO! I do not want to see the latest trash from Miley Ray Cyrus. NO! I do not like your suggested records and to be honest I don't need new friends. I barley get the time to catch up with the ones I love, THE ONES I CAN TOUCH!! (That last statement seems kinda creepy....but what can I say...I'm a touchy person!! I love a HUG!!)

So...this leaves me out of the loop again.......and I'm OK with that!

Picture above is of Asha's holiday creation. That kid of mine has got some SPUNK!


Judy said...

I don't do facebook for all the same reasons you have plus a few more. Like, I've been a foster parent and I need my anonymity for our safety.

Jodie said...

I do bookface but I sure as hell don't understand it. I'll save up a huge hug for when we see each other again in real life.

Sally said...

Yes... not a huge fan of bookface either. Not enough hours in the day.