Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Man Vs Freeradical Children

Picture this...Husband home full time in school holidays because Mrs was working (working in school hols...not so flash). Mrs enters home after long hard day in the office and gets greeted by husband.

"I'm going to go and chop some trees down!!!"

Hmmmmm....Man must need to have a little personal space.

Alas...we now have a new fab log wall!!!

Special thanks today to Shelly who allowed me to rape and pillage her garden for cuttings. Don't they look amazing, this whole garden bed was planted for that!


Judy said...

I'd say someone was a little stressed! It does make a beautiful back drop for your new plants though. ;>)

Jodie said...

Looks like a magazine shot

**Anne** said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous work.
Anne xx

Miss Prudence said...

that looks amazing. love it!

Sally said...

Log wall looks amazing... as does garden bed.

... know the feeling of spending the day with the kids and wanting to cut something down... wishing I was a country chic at times.

Anonymous said...

Loving your log wall...and who doesn't need some personal space from time to time :o)

Clare said...

I just randomly stumbled upon your blog and WOW! Love this log wall, it looks so beautiful :)