Monday, October 7, 2013

Then and Now

So......I have this mad bunch of mates that share a studio space. They have landed themselves an Old Funeral Home and are raising some funds to turn it into something BIG and DELICIOUS for our Arty community.

Alas......the fund raiser!! The Instructions were - Go Opp shopping (Love and re-zing your purchase into something smashingly good. Auction it are welcome too.

Exhibit Number 1) Leonie. Age 40 this week!!! ARRRK!

Exhibit Number 2) Asha. Age 7 - Totally inspired by Tania @ Myrtle and Eunice


**Anne** said...

Fabulous! :)
Anne xx

stonefruit season said...

Clever girls! They look fabulous. Your piece must have taken ages to do - the back is unreal! Cheers Lucy

Sally said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Loving all the creative girl power in your neck of the woods. Fantastic.