Friday, January 3, 2014

Nature on our doorstep

I'm sorry.....

but this little one has gone........RIP sweet thing.

I've been a country girl all my life, I have buried more animals that I would like to count and now I get the opportunity to teach my children a healthy type of grief. One that we allow to flow through us, one that we establish a respect for the dead and one that we understand, that no matter what we do, sometimes we just don't win. xx


Sally said...

Oh. Every loss is sad. I'm sorry too.

Angela Pea said...

Oh, so sorry.

I sometimes imagine at the way in the future anthropologist who will investigate our homesite and wonder at the number of stone marked graves holding the remains of birds, hamsters, guineapigs, dogs, cats, lizards and other creatures from 30+ years of living here!