Thursday, July 24, 2014

Can you remember when........

You'd jump on your roadster bike with the big handles and long seat. You'd have your mate dinking (who dinks any more?) on the back, the wind flowing in your hair flicking into your buds face. Your flares would catch in the chain and you'd scrape your toes because your double pluggers were just too cool for school.

You'd spot the boys hanging around the local milk-bar siting on the top of the bench seat talking tough. You hope one day your boobs would grow even enough so you could courageously look them in the eye.

You'd dump your bike at the door and head in to see Mrs Frantantara and spend the 20c you had burning in your pocket.

It has come to my attention, that my hippy organicish children have never experienced the humble LIFESAVER!!! My neighbors hippy organicish children haven't either!! I know we shouldn't let our children eat crap but SERIOUSLY how can you go through life without at least experiencing a FRUIT TINGEL!!! What's the world coming too!

It's all taken care of. Friday night the children will gather, there will be much discussion, sampling and hyper activity. I may even extend on the experience and allow them to cleanse their palate with a Chockie BIG M!!


Judy said...

Oh Mama! What a deprived existence your babies are living. LOL Have they had Slushies and brain-freeze yet?

Angela Pea said...

Oh Mercy...I haven't seen LifeSavers in years!

I was laughing the other day over the fact that my healthy eating kids-who-are-now-adults never experienced Cherry Mash candy!