Monday, July 28, 2014

Flashing my wares!

I don't tend to talk much about the shit stuff but just before christmas, I was given the chop from my casual job because of restructuring. It was a crap time when I felt hurt and a bit beaten up. ANYWAY, I got to thinking about what I needed to do with myself. There is very few part time jobs in our bush town at the moment and I was missing the social interaction of co-workers and lets be staying at home by myself, ALL THE TIME....not so flash for my mental state!!

I'm lucky that Dave has full time work so I decided to enter the Volunteer workforce. It's no secret that we have a child with additional needs and I have always love horses (even though I haven't had one for 20 odd years!) So off to the RDA - Horse Riding for the Disabled I went. Now.......I get to hang out with some lovely juicy people, some amazing kids and I get the job of "Stick painter and decorator!"


Judy said...

Yeah! You took lemons and made lemonade; good for you!

Jodie said...

And more beautiful sticks have never been seen.

Linda Johnson said...

Truly, art-filled sticks!!! Hooray for you and well done. Wish more folks thought about volunteering.