Friday, July 4, 2014


Sewing flat things are my strength......this dimensional stuff, is NOT!

It's fiddly, annoying and ugly! However, the eldest elf LOVES IT. He looooooves it so much that when I confiscated it, (due to opening the wood fire to dispose of his scrap paper, in which subsequently flew out again ALIGHT, ALAS NEARLY BURNING THE BLOODY HOUSE DOWN!!!), that he has been crying for the last hour!!!

Who new such a creation could have so much power......I may use it again!

I may even set the bloody toy on fire if he tries that sort of shit again.

Pesky bloody KIDS!!


**Anne** said...

Oooops. School holidays eh?!
Anne xx

Catherine said...

I accidentally let my Daughter see this... I may be required to try to replicate your work (she thinks it's amazing!).

Karen said...

Now my son wants one!!!!!

Sally said...

Oh no! Burning down the house - not cool. That minecraft softie on the other hand - awesome!!!

Kate said...

I love it!!!