Friday, September 19, 2014

School Holidays are upon us again.

I always begin the holidays thinking life is good. The kids are home. The rushing has stopped. The pace is slower...and then...after about 2 weeks.....

I struggle!!! I know there are some human personalities that can home school, these people have skills that seem to create a peaceful, tranquil, environment, one where everyone is at one with one another. Me......NOT SO MUCH!

Happy holidays to you all, may you enjoy your elf's, even when you are hiding in a dark corner where they can't find you!! Love to you and yours. Leonie xx


Judy said...

LOL I'm sorry!

I love my children dearly but I am so glad they are raised!

I wish for you a cup of your favorite tea, a bubble bath and whatever music brings you calming peace and a wonderful back rub from your hubby.

tracie @ beets+birch said...

happy holiday!
laughed out loud!

we only have a few more years of school holidays in our house and i tell you i have put my time in!!! hahahaha
clearly i wasn't built to home school!

Julie said...

I know the feeling, one more week to go and then it's holidays here in NZ too. Love no more lunches, homework or rushing, but so glad to see them go back to school. Time to lay in the supplies of chocolate in my sewing room I think.

**Anne** said...

Enjoy the holidays as best you can. :)
Anne xx

stonefruit season said...

I love it Leonie! Your pics are just fabulous and sooooooo how I feel!