Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Re-living my youth

It was locked away in my memory, the moment when I stole the bottle of bleach while mum was at the Dairy. I new I would get into trouble but that creative, teenage, rebellious voice in my head was just too loud to ignore!

I grabbed my favorite jeans, the new ones mum and dad could barely afford and I sprinkled (drenched) bleach all over the bathroom to create my masterpiece........ALAS....GROUNDED!!

Who new those skills would come in handy again?

Lovin my new Jeans!!!

How do you do it....

Put about an inch of water in the bottom of your bath. Lay the jeans in but scrunch them up a bit. Splash the bleach liberally over the jeans and wait a good half to one hour.

Warning : Only use crap jeans that you no longer wear. DO NOT use the posh ones. There is every chance that you could hate them when you are done!!!!

Warning 2 : Beware of the crutch/bum area, go lightly, you don't want them to look like you've sat in bird poop!!

My recommendation is to use skinny jeans with long tops. Works a treat.


Judy said...

You did a great job, the mottling looks so even.

What are the little flowers in the yard?

katiecrackernuts said...

We were wretched as teenagers, weren't we all?
The jeans are super cute.

stonefruit season said...

That looks terrific Leonie - and you've got the legs for it!! Woo hoo!

tracie @ beets+birch said...

just darling! what a fun way to give an old pair a new life! very stylish!:D