Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Thank you oppy GODS!

There has been a request........Could you please dress your child in period style clothing for their next excursion to a local historical village?


Thank you oppy gods, once again you have saved my hero parental status!

Take one white babies blanket ($1.00) fold in half = Shawl

Take one white shirt ($3.00), that would never typically enter our house, as my elf is often head first looking under rocks!

Add one adult hippy type skirt ($3.00), chop off the top couple of inches and pop in some elastic.

Dig deep into the scrap fabric basket for that old white sheet you new you would use for something someday.

Pop into spotty on the way home and grab some lace ($6.00)

Add Existing black boots and straw hat.

Done. Total cost $15.00 Not to shabby.

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