Thursday, February 5, 2015

I Surrender!

Sometimes as a crafty "I can try to do that" type of chick, I need to go....STUFF IT!! I haven't got the time, I can't afford the fabric, the wadding, my machine isn't working and I just don't feel like wrestling with the bloody thing.

So.....I go to eBay.

Thank you mother ebay for yet another swanky addition to my home. Love it!!

OH...and while I'm anyone else having troubles with bloglines? I can't bring any of you up in my reader and my sanity is becoming questionable. I need my bloggy community FIX!!


Judy said...

A beautiful quilt!

When Blogger is giving me fits and won't show my reading list; I have been backing out counting to thirty and re-entering my dashboard and usually my reading list is there. But beings how we are on two different continents who knows.

Tas said...

Very purty.

It is good to outsource some things. Good for sanity and supporting the crafty community.

Julie said...

Looks beautiful!!

stonefruit season said...

What a fantastic find Leonie!