Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Leonie....You must bath your dog ALL THE TIME......Um....no....Never!

One of the things I get asked frequently when I visit the hospital, is how often do I bath Layla?    

I did bath her once, a lot, and it was a disaster.  She ended up with ear infections, dandruff and lacking luster.  She was an, itchy mess.  So I rang a show dog breeder and got the best advice ever. 

STOP washing her!!  Ok... but I live on a farm block with all sorts of dust, smells and shall we say... poo!

The trick is....

* Take one bucket with the hottest water your hands can handle.  
* Squeese in some dog Shampoo or Conditioner into the water and bubble it up.  I use Rufus and Coco 2in1 Oatmeal Wash (see image below). 
* Place the rag into the water (I use a torn up old towl), give it a good wring and rub it all over your dog.  
* Rince and repeat.   You may have to do this a couple of times. 

Layla is dry again within 20 mins.  She gets the hot towel treatment every Tuesday before we visit the hospital and she is clean, dry and smelling divine before we arrive.  No sopping wet dog that takes hours too dry in the middle of Winter!

To maintain a good healthy coat I also give Layla one fish oil tablet a day and a quick flip of the brush a couple of times a week.  


Jenny said...

So, I bought the Rufus and Coco and gave it a go. Our Max loves the hot towel treatment and smells better than ever. He always hated being saturated and I hated how long it took him to dry. Brilliant - thanks!!!

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