Thursday, November 9, 2017

Super transition to NDIS have a friend that is transitioning to NDIS?

How are they looking?  Wearing the same clothes as last week, not showering, bags under the eyes, look like they have been balling their eyes out?  

How is the conversation?  Getting blank stares, non responsive, seem confused, can't concentrate, don't seem to care about what your saying?

Please give them a hug, cook them a casserole, offer to go for a walk, don't expect conversation, don't tell them "I don't know how you do it" just shut up and be there. 

My suggestion.........bring party pack.....grog would be good.....LOTS OF IT.  (This coming from a 12 year sober person....gee...I.....miss....the....BOOZ!)

If anyone has a spare holiday house that is not being used, please fling me the keys.  After this shit is over,  I have a date with a handsome cowboy and a block of the cheapest finest god dam chocolate I can afford. 

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Judy said...

Sweetie, I haven't a clue as to what NDIS is, but from the description I wouldn't wish it off on to my worst enemy. Tons of cyber hugs and if I lived closer, I have a spare bedroom you could hole up in until things were better.