Monday, March 19, 2018

I forgot the UNDIES!!

It's 10.30 in the evening, the wind is hot and blowing a gale (104km/h).  You take a walk outside to check on a branch that has just made a loud crashing sound.  Then it hits you, the smell of smoke, you look to your right and the sky is glowing red.   You know instantly, without the need of any app's or outside communication that you have to go.  No questions asked, get the kids, dog, cats and fish loaded up and go.  

I had a bit of time to grab a few things.............What do you take?

I woke the kids up and got them organised. Finn wanted his ted and iPad.  Asha wanted her stock-whip, ted and iPad.  Dave had to look after the animals and himself and I got the kids and I sorted. 

You think, that you would be all cool calm and collected. Your not.  Your a strange sort of calm on the outside with a tornado on the inside. 

In the end we arrived at Mum and Dad's with......

Animals, (chooks and ducks were left behind) with only cat and fish food......don't know what the dog was going to eat?
No undies for anyone except myself (bit narcissistic, isn't it?)
Toothbrushes...amazing I remembered that
Computer hard drive

After all the rush was over I looked at Dave in horror and said....."oh, no....I grabbed my wedding rings but not yours!!!"  He very quietly, with a smile on his face said,  "I got mine". 


Dave can't because it's to dangerous for work and I don't because they are to fancy for our bush block (I wear my great grandmothers band).

But, here we are, in the madness that it was, thinking the only real things that mean the most to us are  our, kids, animals and our wedding rings.  I'm so glad, that all those years ago, I set that man trap and hitched this bloke.   

LATEST UPDATE : It seems at this stage the fire situation has been downgraded, however we are not to relax just yet.  I think we'll have a few long days and nights ahead of us. 

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Judy said...

Yes, ma'am, you remembered the important stuff! I bet, next fire-season, cause you know there will be another one, you will pack an overnight bag for each of you so you can grab and go. I hope things have settled down for you.