Saturday, April 28, 2018

Green Manure Crop Update

So the first rains hit and we ripped that black plastic off, rotary hoed and prepared all that juicy soil.  I had the seeds ready and we were all set to go.  Then it went a little pear shaped.  

I ordered 10 packs of green manure seeds for about $6 per bag, from a fancy hippyish website that promised to offer me enough seeds for my 230m2 veggie patch.  WRONG...not even close....check out the photos below. 

 This is the outcome from the hippy seeds.   Their strike rate is pathetic and it was a total waste of money.

Then I went to the local agricultural supplies store and spoke to a super qualified agronomist and this is the result from seeds that were planted 1 week later.  Treated exactly the same.  Whamo.....that's  growth for you!! 

So, the lesson learned is.......agronomist know their shit, they can sort you out with the right amount of seed, the right condition of seed (bare with no pesticides) and the right mix.  20kg of seed later for the tidy price of $47 and the result is just bloody supper! 

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